Carbon monoxide, weathering against clefts
Let go off, habitual detonation
Shriek and holler, read minds, contrive complexities in plastic agonist
Fireplaces for the weak, disguise tragedies with teenage rage
Crayons and pretence, purposelessly drew hurricane in craze

Pick up, the unbecoming of the day
phantoms un-generated, herds of sheep, harsh touches and soft countenance
tore down relics of cataclysmic triviality, captured seconds
Dressed up for pity, disinfect mockery while
traversing accelerating train tracks and
broken bodies

Flummoxed, clarity, magicians toppling astronomic solitude
Cringe crash crack cast, collide, the black
Asylums of normality, riveted by two moons, once
Alive dead, feed sensitivity to deprived hounds
Dousing the world of two with perpetual ecstasy
Symphony of derangement, void
liberated us, liberate not us

Withdrawals and flashbacks, continuity and promiscuity
Shooting galleries, strollers possess no better fantasies than ours
Rejection of speech, profound ridicule redecorate the blueprint of our artistic specialties
Languish languish, eliminate systems with daily dose of heaven,
luxury of prayers
the poorest of pain and

barring, rigging desolation with abstraction,
plain hopeless
found rules in fateful

23/09/2017 01:10am


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