Let us be the exact duration of time spent on nothingness
The right amount of space that allows souls to redeem sins among timelessness
We would be the irony towards the accurate amount of heartlessness
The particular dimension of void that retains sanity while it corrodes our valueless humanity

Let us become the world’s most profound silence the universe’s most correct form of silence
We would be the appropriate apathy that fills hearts with complete tranquility
The familiar indifference that paints shivering breaths with subtle rhythm
And the unknown thought that rightly accuses our body’s actions with treason

Let us be sheer existence
The existence that does not disrupt aesthetic impulsion the existence that unconsciously relates beauty to intuition
We would freely dispose emotions at the border of your soul and mine
And condemn imprecisions inaccuracies and indecisiveness as we deport existence

Let us be none of the above
I would be sinful you would be inadequate our existence would be inaccurate
But we will one day be away from the ocean’s darkness
one day escape from the labyrinth of heavy inertness
and one day be freed from such futile catharsis

29/04/2017 12:46am


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