//A Hymn to My Dreams//

My dreams
willingly complicate deaths in your imaginations adequately dislocates temporary meanings of existence

My dreams
cease to contain upheavals of irregular heartbeats or valleys of Shakespearean tears in the pandemoniac heat

My dreams
were on a slow train without forgotten speech
showering naked bodies with tinkling helplessness for the passing views of villages’ siege

My dreams
attempted to transform moments into permanence while ordering a massacre for words of human kind’s sentiments

My dreams
cleansed my blurry eyes with your endless sunrises
robbed the world with their light beams’ imperfections and my lampposts’ crises

My dreams
wished the moon could glisten brighter than the stars while sabotaging tranquil ancestors of the skies from afar

My dreams
imagined your toes running through the edges of the world as my throats of blood their minds of poetries unfurl

My dreams
never wrote again never dreamt again never encountered rivers that capture dying silhouettes again

Your dreams my dreams
They were never ours
She was never mine either

28/03/2017 05:37am


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