//Our kind of night sky//

We could let our horrid hearts sink with each other’s
along arid river amongst stagnant oceans amidst murky waters
We could shriek until our decayed eyeballs vibrate in the same frequency
in a suffocating room on a broken bed under dark collapsing ceilings

We could breathe in our chemical-filled blood after poking a hole on our grotesque brains
break down complex reactions over-rule dying pills with harsh remaining warmth
disentangle soothing knots made with our shrinking intestines
and find serenity in injections after injections of anaesthetic

We could stare at the ugliest badly-constructed painting
discover each other some improper ego unjust reassurance undeserved love
indulge in the grandiose illusion with an inappropriate amount of time
then make the most dazzling movie our new skin of dreary tattoos
fill in gunshot holes cover up wall-punching bruises paint on mere mental scars

We could too peacefully lie next to each other on a desolate island
hourly stab our favourite spots on each other’s flesh with our most sharpened knife
then enjoy the sight of not blood but sheer liquid of pain
appreciate it like an avant-garde piece of art with our warm cup of earl grey
and let everything be like our cemetery our once imaginary home on the loving sand

Perhaps imagination
should have seen our favourite night sky of stars or
our selected profoundly beautiful 19th century literatures from far then I guess wishes
would sound more than exploding into disintegrating sands somber dusts futile scars
or a mere collapsed bridge of strident
passing cars

10/12/2016 4:36am